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Acute Illness Management
Dr. Leigh Roberts, MD - Chicago

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Dr. Leigh Roberts specializes in adult primary care, meaning she serves as the first line of treatment for her patients and their parents or grandparents. The foundation of Dr. Roberts’ practice at Hejira Healthcare is patient relationships. She finds healing power in listening closely to her patients and using personalized care.

Common Questions about Acute Illness Management

What is acute illness?

Acute conditions are defined as an illness that is severe and sudden in onset. For example, a broken bone or asthma attack is an acute illness. Diabetes, however, is not, because it is long-developing.

Why is a primary care provider best prepared to treat acute illness?

At times, acute conditions are brought on by preexisting chronic conditions. This is why it’s ideal to visit your primary care provider to treat acute conditions. At Hejira Healthcare, Dr. Roberts knows her patients better than any other specialist or urgent care facility, so when an acute illness hits, she is prepared to treat it within the context of her patient’s overall health and history.

Which types of acute illness do you treat?

Everything that might happen! Dr. Roberts seeing patients for rashes, injuries, upper respiratory infections, intestinal problems, and even hangnails. She specializes in adult primary care, meaning she sees her patients for whatever life may bring. If the situation requires a specialist, she will use her judgement to refer on a case-by-case basis.

Can I get my labwork done at the office?

Hejira Healthcare is conveniently located in the Advocate Illinois Masonic Professional Building, where laboratory work and tests can be performed. Patients in need of lab work can get it done same day, in the same building as their original appointment.

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