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Basic Dermatology
Dr. Leigh Roberts, MD - Chicago

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Adult primary care at Hejira Healthcare includes basic dermatology for patients. Dr. Roberts is qualified to treat her patients for a variety of dermatologic needs, including lesion removal and treatment of skin conditions.

Common Questions about Basic Dermatology

Which basic dermatology services do you provide?

Dr. Roberts treats all basic dermatology needs: acne, rosacea, eczema, fungal infections, bacterial infections, to name a few.

Why is dermatology important to primary care?

As your primary care provider, Dr. Roberts is able to take her patients’ medical history and lifestyle into consideration when treating any aspect of health. Often, skin conditions may manifest as a result of other conditions or lifestyle changes. Dr. Roberts sees patients holistically, so any dermatologic concern that may arise falls under the realm of primary patient care.

Do you offer dermatologic screenings?

Yes! As a patient, it is important to pay attention to one’s body and any changes that may occur on the skin’s surface. If you notice an irregularity on your skin or a change in a mole, call our office. Dr. Roberts can perform on exam and determine if any action should be taken.

Do you remove lesions?

Dr. Roberts is qualified to perform lesion removal in the Hejira Healthcare office. Depending on the size of the lesion and invasiveness of the procedure, Dr. Roberts may refer to a specialist for cosmetic concerns. If this is the case, Dr. Roberts will perform preliminary treatment and follow up with the patient post-procedure.

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