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Chronic Disease Management
Dr. Leigh Roberts, MD - Chicago

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At Hejira Healthcare, Dr. Roberts focuses holistically on patients—seeing them as a whole person as opposed to a collection of conditions or symptoms. As the first line of treatment for her patients, she sees them for whichever problems or conditions might arise in their lifetime. If the situation does require a specialist, she works closely with the referred physician to ensure continuity of care.

Common Questions about Chronic Disease Management

How do you help diabetic patients manage their condition?

To keep blood sugar controlled for diabetic patients, proper diet, sufficient exercise, and various medications are necessary. Dr. Roberts educated for diabetic patients to provide them with the tools to manage their diabetes with the decisions they make in their everyday lives. While Dr. Roberts serves as the first line of treatment for diabetic patients, typically, she will also lead a team of specialists to ensure proper care is taken to manage the disease.

How do you help hypertension patients manage their condition?

There is no single, clear cause for high blood pressure, but this condition becomes more common in older age and in patients who get little exercise, consume a poor diet, drink excess alcohol, are obese, or have a family history of hypertension. For patients with hypertension, Dr. Roberts will recommend lifestyle changes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, eating a healthy, balanced diet, reducing sodium intake, exercising regularly, and limiting alcohol.

However, Dr. Roberts understands that each and every patient at her practice is unique, and she develops specific treatment plans with this in mind.

What are some health risks associated with hypertension?

Blood pressure should be monitored regularly by Dr. Roberts as a part of overall primary care, because, typically, hypertension doesn’t cause any symptoms. Health risks associated with untreated or undiagnosed hypertension include heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, eye disease, and atherosclerosis.

Which other chronic diseases do you see often?

Dr. Roberts sees her patients for any chronic disease that may arise in their lifetime—hypercholesterolemia, precursors to heart disease, crohn’s disease, and lupus, to name a few. She often helps patients struggling with anxiety and depression, and the medication management involved with these chronic diseases. her patients—both gynecological and medical.

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